What Was The Reformation? A Brief History

How did the reformation begin, and what sort of impact did make in the beginning? Darren Kings offers a concise history of how God used several men and women to start a movement.

Semper Fi, Semper Reformanda: We’re Not Done Yet

Part of the reason we celebrate the Reformation is because we’re not done yet. Today, too, there is a need for reformation. Semper Fi, Semper Reformanda – if we are to be faithful, we must always be reforming according to the Word of God.

To the Glory of God Alone: The Reason for Everything

The Bible proclaims there is One God who brought into being all things for a single purpose.  Relative truth has no anchors here.  It has nothing to grip on to.  It hooks the air and falls flat.  Absolute truth, the driving force behind all of life, converges at a single, absolute, glorious reality.  The God who exists creates and sustains life for one reason.